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Adoption Process

If you are currently working with another rescue, we ask that you complete the process with that rescue before applying with us. Also, once you have applied with us and we are working on placing a pet with you, please do not begin working with another rescue. We suggest researching different rescues and applying to ONE rescue that you relate to their mission and want to support. Don't worry so much about the specific dog's photo that you are drawn to, choose the rescue, not the dog.

We value high quality vet care and matchmaking. We value applicants that appreciate our process. It takes patience to go through rescue for your next pet, and it is not for everyone. Some might prefer to go to their local shelter to be able to look at many dogs and bring one home same day. That is great! We are all here to complete one mission-to save dogs and give them stable homes for the rest of their lives! Also, the application states that if you are not prepared for adoption at the time you apply, please wait to apply until you are ready to bring the dog into your home.

We cannot hold dogs in rescue. We will not answer or process an application if the application is not fully completed.


A companion animal as a member of your family is a wonderful and enriching experience. They're loyal, lovable, furry best friends and can bring tons of joy to your life. However, the decision to add a new dog or cat to your family should not be taken lightly- it is a lifetime commitment and before you adopt a new pet, you should do your research and be fully aware of what is involved in pet ownership.

Adoption Application

After countless hours of searching, you have finally found a pair of eyes staring back at you that just absolutely melts your heart. Everyone has agreed to bringing a pet into the family and has discussed the responsibility and lifetime commitment that comes with a new family member. Now it's time to complete the Adoption Application. It's important to completely and accurately fill out the application to ensure that your family, the environment and the pet are compatible. Your application will not be processed until payment is received.

Application Review

Once an application is received Bluetails will begin reviewing it for suitability. The amount of time it takes to review the application depends on the number of volunteers and the number of applicants we have. Our review process is thorough to ensure that not only are our pets placed in the best possible home, but that the applicant is placed with the most suitable dog based on their lifestyle and environment. We will verify your address, we will contact your landlord when necessary and ensure pets are allowed, if a pet deposit is required and has been paid, if there are pet restrictions, etc. We will contact your vet and verify that your past and current pets are consistently vaccinated and on Heartworm/flea preventative. This is a MUST!

Meet & Greet

Your Adoption Application has been approved! Now comes the day you finally get to meet your potential pet. The Meet & Greet should include everyone in the family, including other pets. This is a very exciting moment. We also host Meet and Greet events, please check our Calendar of Events page for dates and times. We also have monthly Adoption Events. *Transport dogs, please refer to section below on meeting transport dogs or our transport page.

Home Check

A Home check is sometimes completed during the Meet and Greet or the Trial period, which we discuss next, and the pet is generally present. A home inspection is completed for several reasons. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate the pet in your home environment with your family and other pets present to ensure mutual suitability. We will also look for hazards that could be present and make recommendations on corrective or preventative measures. The items we will be looking for in a home check, will vary depending on the pet you re interested in, for example: some pets will need a very secure yard, while others may not, some pets may not be able to accommodate stairs, while others will, larger dogs may not be appropriate for an apartment while other would be. *COVID 19 UPDATE. We are accepting video calls and/or video home walk-throughs. The adoption coordinator will coordinate these calls and/or videos.

Trial Period

Bluetails requires a mandatory trial period before finalizing any adoption. Trials periods last a minimum of 3 days and last up to 7 days, more if necessary. We believe that it takes a few days for any pet to decompress and adjust to a new environment and begin to feel comfortable. It is difficult to truly evaluate how a new pet will blend into your family and schedule in 1 day. We will also provide guidelines for how to help your new pet adjust and will provide one on one counseling during the trial period to help ensure a smooth transition. There is a non-refundable adoption fee due prior to trial period/adoption. Adoption fees fund our rescue efforts and supports the care of animals within BLUETAILS while they are waiting to be adopted.

Finalize Adoption

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are the proud owner of a pet. Once the trial period is complete and both you and our Bluetails representative agree that the pet is suitable to your home we will execute the adoption contract and provide all the vet records on your new pet. At which time you should register the pets microchip into your name and make an appointment with your vet to begin establishing a relationship.

Follow Up

BLUETAILS will make periodic follow-ups with you and your pet. We will continue to offer counseling and resources for your pet as needed. We will continue to receive micro-chip notifications. We always welcome updates and pictures of your family & pets that we occasionally will post on social media. You are now a part of the BLUETAILS family!!!!


If you are NOT local to New Orleans and need transport to the midwest, Meet and greets are done via photos, videos and video calls. An opportunity will also be given to the adopter at the time of adoption at the transport location to spend time with the pet. We suggest bringing the whole family and other pets. Please remember this may not be a complete or accurate indication of how the dog will do in your home. Transports can be stressful and overwhelming and your dog may need some time to decompress to see his/her true personality. We still have the trail period for transport dogs, and in the event a dog does not work out, we will pick up on our return trip.

This list is meant to serve as a general outline of our Adoption Process. It is not intended to cover every instance or exception that may occur. Some process may occur out of order or simultaneously, such as the Meet & Greet and Home Check. Completion of process does not constitute approval. Final approval is at the discretion of Bluetails and/or its representative and is based on suitability.

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Bluetails Pet Rescue

Bluetails Pet Rescue is a non profit foster based animal rescue located in the greater New Orleans area and takes in neglected dogs, provides them with medical care and a loving environment while finding them a permanent home.

Our mission is to rescue animals in need, rehabilitate as necessary, prepare for adoption and ultimately place in loving homes.

All donations are used 100% in funding the rescue and adoption effort.

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We are dedicated to rescuing dogs left homeless for whatever reason – animals in public shelters where they are at high risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation, pets given up by their owners because of difficult circumstances, and those in danger of abuse or neglect. ~ Courtney

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