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We believe it is our duty and responsibility as an advocate for animals in South Louisiana to encourage and facilitate responsible pet ownership. Our standard adoption process and requirements have been established to ensure we place our rescue dogs into stable, loving and lifelong homes. In an effort to support and aid our applicants who don’t fully meet our standard adoption requirements, we have created our MENTORSHIP ADOPTION PROGRAM (MAP).

Map Is Designed Around 3 Core Principles: Consult, Counsel, & Coach.

A companion animal as a member of your family is a wonderful and enriching experience. They're loyal, lovable, furry best friends and can bring tons of joy to your life. However, the decision to add a new dog or cat to your family should not be taken lightly- it is a lifetime commitment. Before you adopt a new pet, you should do your research and be fully aware of what is involved in pet ownership.

Adoption Application

CONSULT - Our Application is just one of the tools we will use to help determine what the best path is for you and your new companion. The application is designed to learn about you, your family, your environment and lifestyle, and ultimately what works best for everyone. At this stage, we encourage you to ask questions and let us know about any special requirements.

COUNSEL - Next, we will make recommendations on a companion animal, suggest changes or improvements to your environment if needed, and provide and review the individual program requirements.

COACH - Finally, we will guide and assist you as needed in fulfilling the program requirements and cheer you on as you reach your goals.

The goal is to MAP out the best path to help applicants build experience owning a pet and establish routine and consistent vet history, through guidance, time, resources and training.

Please remember that the purpose of this program is to facilitate SUITABLE and LIFETIME adoption matches between applicants and rescue dogs. Any recommendations we make for adoption matches is with the aim to set both the applicant and the rescue dog UP FOR SUCCESS.

We value high quality vet care and matchmaking. We value applicants that appreciate our process. It takes patience to go through rescue for your next pet, and it is not for everyone. Some might prefer to go to their local shelter to be able to look at many dogs and bring one home the same day. That is great! We are all here to complete one mission - to save dogs and give them stable homes for the rest of their lives!

The Benefits of our MAP

Pets need time to adjust in a new home before they’re completely comfortable and trust you, but you and your family also need an adjustment period—especially if you’re a new pet owner or don’t have much experience. The MAP gives you an opportunity to:

  • Ensure the animal is happy in its new home
  • Gain practical advice, support, and encouragement
  • Increase your confidence in caring for your new fur buddy
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Identify and develop strategies for dealing with potential issues
  • Understand how your new rescue reacts to other animals in the home

Ultimately, the MAP helps facilitate a happily-ever-after.

Who Is The Is Map For?

Applicants that may be considered for the MAP may fall into one or more of the following categories:


Less than 1 year of residency. We believe that a consistent and stable environment is necessary for a healthy, happy dog. Frequent changes in environment can cause anxiety, stress and fear that may ultimately lead to behavioral problems and result in the rescue dog being returned, re-homed, dumped or taken to the shelter.

No fence / partial fence. Although not required for every adoption, in most cases a fence is required for our rescues. General recommendations are that all dogs larger than a Chihuahua should have the opportunity to stretch their legs and run un-tethered in a fenced yard. Absence of a fence alone may not require participation in the program, but in conjunction with other items may be considered.

Rents / Live with parents / Base housing and/or Active Military / Dormitory / Group Housing / other. Although we have adopted many pets into the types of homes listed, we strongly consider housing during our review. We have found that in some cases, these types of housing arrangements can be temporary or suddenly change, leaving the tenant and the pet in dire straits. We will consider the following during our review: the landlords/complex policies, the parent’s willingness to co-sign, base housing policies & term of station, dormitory policies and number of residents. This alone may not require participation in the program but in conjunction with other items may be considered.


First-time pet owner. Applicants who have not owned and been financially responsible for a pet yet. We do not consider childhood pets, pets financially cared for by another party, pets that have been pet sat, or a family member’s pets.

Lack of vet records. Owns/owned a pet, but has a lack of consistent vet records. We require proof of both yearly vaccinations and monthly heartworm prevention.

Age. Applicants must be 21 or older. We also consider age as it pertains to an individual dog. Younger applicants may not be suitable for high maintenance dogs or costly to maintain dogs, while older applicants may not be suitable for younger, high energy dogs. This alone does not require participation in the program, but in conjunction with other items may be considered

What Dogs Are Available On The Map?

Not all dogs are available to all participants of our MAP. The reason(s) for an applicant’s placement into the program will determine what dogs are available under those specific needs. The following categories of dogs are generally not allowed in MAP. All dogs will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Puppies or dogs that are not potty trained – Generally not suitable for 1st time pet owners.

High maintenance - Generally not suitable for 1st time pet owners or previous pet owners with inconsistent vet history.

High energy - Generally not suitable for 1st time pet owners or those living in rentals or with no fence.

Large breed dogs - Generally not suitable for 1st time pet owners or those living in rentals or with no fence.

Dogs with medical conditions or Heartworm Positive dogs - Generally not suitable for 1st time pet owners or previous owners with inconsistent vet history.

Dogs with anxiety or other behavioral issues - Generally not suitable for 1st time pet owners.

How Does The Map Work?

Each applicant will have a customized plan according to their particular needs and the needs of the pet. Generally, the MAP may include the following:

Extended Trial Period – Unlike our typical 1-week trial period, our MAP extends the trial period. An extended trial period of 3-6 months or longer in special cases, allow the applicant to spend quality time with the pet and gain much needed experience. During this time, the applicant may gain insight into how dog ownership works into their lifestyle and routine, and, in some cases, may realize a different dog would be more suitable. The MAP allows for this detour, and more importantly encourages this very important learning experience. Additionally, the extra time allows for the applicant and dog to attend training and complete the provided pre-determined vetting schedule. In some cases, the trial basis will be extended if the applicant needs further guidance.

Managed Vet Care – During the extended trial period you will be asked to manage your new pet’s upcoming vet appointments and obtain vaccinations, preventions and other care according to the schedule provided. At any time during this period, we can aid with reminders and with scheduling appointments. The purpose of this process is to guide you in establishing proper and consistent vet care. Documentation of each visit shall be forwarded to Bluetails Pet Rescue at to be placed into the pet’s file. This documentation helps to establish your vet history and ultimately is used in the adoption finalization. Failure to send documentation timely may result in the trail period being further extended or with non-compliance, the applicant being withdrawn from the program and the dog being returned to Bluetails Pet Rescue.

Training – We generally require 1st time pet owners to attend basic training with the newly adopted dog within 30 days. We strongly recommend all members of the household attend this training. Bluetails Pet Rescue can recommend and assist you in finding an appropriate trainer. We have found that adopters who attend training have a higher rate of a successful, long-term adoption. Training with your dog will help you have a closer bond, more easily manage behavior, and help with your dog’s socialization.

The Final Destination Of The Map

Once you have completed the trial period, provided your vet records and completed training we will send the adoption paperwork, which includes a fully executed contract, all medical records and microchip information. You can now transfer the pet’s microchip into your name. At this point, you have shown to be a responsible pet owner and we are confident you will continue to maintain consistent vet care and have a long happy life together.

*Please note the MAP program is not available to out of state applicants.

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